Easyrig Cinema 3 / 400N mit Flowcine Serene

CHF 70,- / Tag
CHF 210,- / Woche
Standort: Bern


This is a must have for not only anyone doing gimbal work but also for long days of handheld. The Serene makes it possible to use the Easyrig with a gimbal and allows for smooth walking and running shots without any bounce. For regular camera work the Easyrig + Serene combo makes for incredibly smooth handheld and you can get a nice floaty look as well if you dial in the tension to match your camera's weight. This rig is a back saver and a game changer. Holds rigs from 7.7 to 9.9 Kg.

  • Easyrig Cinema 3 - 400N (7.8 - 10.3 kg)
  • Flowcinema Serene
  • Tasche

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