ARRI Light Matte Box LMB-4X5 


CHF 100.- / Tag mit 18-105mm Kit

CHF 300.- / Woche mit 18-105mm Kit
Standort: Bern / Zürich


The LMB 4x5 also maintains the same streamlined design known to the LMB line, while its weight has been optimized to meet the demands for lightweight accessories on today’s film sets.

Ideal when weight is a concern (like when using on a drone, gimbal, or Steadicam), the matte box aims to make short work of challenging situations. It can be used for both clamp-on and rod-mounted solutions, including 15mm lightweight or 15mm or 19mm studio rods.

Features like tray catchers, tilting capability, and swing-away modules are standard in the LMB line. New features have also been added to make this matte box stand out, such as an additional filter stage in two different versions, a tilt-and-flex adapter, and flags that fold flat for easier storage without the need to be removed.


  • 4K Aufzeichnung intern in XAVC 4:2:0, max. 100 mbs
  • HD Aufzeichnung auch in 10bit 4:2:2
  • Center Crop Option für Optiken mit kleinerem Bildkreis
  • SLog 3
  • Aufzeichnung auf SD Karten
  • bis zu 240 fps in HD, 800 fps in PAL (keine kontinuierliche Aufnahme, maximal 12 Sekunden)
  • 1x Arri LMB 4x5 Pro Set KK.0015177
  • Klemmadapter für verschiedene Objektivdurchmesser nach Kundenwunsch
  • Koffer Peli Case 1560

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