TLS Morpheus 80-200mm t/2.8  plus x1.4 Extender

CHF 160,- / Tag
CHF 480,- / Woche
Standort: Bern


The Morpheus is the result of a request from Arri Media to redesign an 80-200mm.

Nikon for the 2006 Bond Feature, which TLS has since further refined and put into production.

Designed to be lightweight; at 2.3kg (5.07lbs) they are ideal for steadicam, hand held, small camera setups and remotely operated rigs.

The optical design of this lens exhibits superb optical performance, rendering great images on film and has been optimized for digital cameras.

AR coatings reduce flares and veiling glare for deep, rich blacks and a wide contrast range, whilst the Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass reduces chromatic aberrations, critical for digital camera sensors. The 9 leaf iris generates round, out of focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh.



The 1.4x and 2.0x extenders are the perfect product to extend the focal length range of zoom and prime lenses. The 1.4x to PL stainless steel and aluminium alloy extenders have multi-coated optics for professional 35mm film lenses.

These small and lightweight lens systems mount easily between the cameras PL mount and the zoom or prime lens PL mount.

The extender multiply the focal lengths of the base lens by a factor of 1.4 with one loss of on iris stop. 

Please note that these extenders will not fit every PL lens due to the optics inside. Please contact us for further information.


  • Focal range: 80-200mm
  • Aperture range: T2.8 - 32/9 Bladed iris
  • Weight: 2.3kg/5.07lbs
  • Close focus: 4.9 Feet/1.5 Meters
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Angle of view: 30.2° - 12.3° 35mm film/sensor
  • Max repro ratio: 1:5:9 at 200mm. 1:14 at 80mm
  • Coverage: Full frame 35mm (36x24mm)
  • Mount: PL (54mm stainless steel lens mount ) 
  • 1x Lenscap vorne
  • 1x Cap hinten
  • 1x Case
  • extender x 1.4

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